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Posted on 31st Aug at 11:30 PM

FUCK i stayed up to watch the rt podcast but… today… is not monday

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Posted on 31st Aug at 11:11 PM
melodieswhenurheartbeats asked: I think it is pretty inconsiderate and selfish of you to self diagnose yourself with a disease that is negatively affecting people daily for some petty attention. If you had it you would go the hospital versus going to the mall for some shoes. Get over yourself.

i have been speaking with my doctor for two months trying to figure out what is wrong with me and we have discussed ms as a possibility. i have been in the midst of a major depressive episode for the last month and a half because i am terrified that i might be suffering from a terminal illness. so when my mother offers to buy me a pair of shoes i could not afford on my own because she wants me to have something to smile about i’m not supposed to experience a single moment of happiness? you’re a heartless shitbag, pal

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