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Posted on 27th Jul at 8:07 PM

wishlist for season 3:

  • freddie lounds seduces chilton to get more access to the bshci and he thinks it’s more than it is and gets his pathetic lil heart broken
  • that’s it, thanks
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if anybody has fic prompts of any kind i’d be happy to give them a go! anything you want to read; general prompts or specific to these fandoms:

  • hannibal
  • dishonored
  • dragon age
  • elder scrolls

drop them in my ask or leave them on this post


Posted on 27th Jul at 7:28 PM

my mum told me that she once had an anxiety dream where she was an exhibitor at rtx and she got lost inside the convention hall and spent the whole dream running around trying to find her stand

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